Social Studies and RMPS

Our faculty is all about people; people in the past, people and the environment, people in society and people’s beliefs and values. Everything pupils learn in our faculty helps them to understand the world and themselves better. We give pupils opportunities to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens. We support each pupil to aim high to be the best they can be and to achieve their potential.

Our staff

  • Mrs D. Millar – Modern Studies (Acting Principal Teacher)
  • Mr D. Watt – RMPS
  • Mrs J. Chalmers – Geography
  • Ms R. Esmail – Geography and Maths
  • Ms C. Baxter – History and Modern Studies
  • Mrs D. Kirkwood – Modern Studies and History
  • Mr S. McDowell – History
  • Miss L. Stewart – RMPS and ASN
  • Mrs J. Mackay – RMPS and English

Supported Study

Geography – Tuesday & Wednesday lunchtimes, Thursday & Friday afterschool.

History – Monday and Friday lunchtimes, Monday & Tuesday afterschool.

Modern Studies – Tuesday, Thursday & Friday lunchtimes, Thursday afterschool

RMPS/Psychology – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday afterschool.

We are also happy to help pupils who drop-in.


Engineering club, Mr Watt – Room 107, Tuesday & Thursday lunchtimes

BBC News School Report – Mrs Kirkwood, Room 102, Thursday lunchtime

Debating Club – Mrs Millar, Room 104

Headteachers Blog

Yesterday I met with all staff within the school to advise that on Friday I was offered the post of Head Teacher within St Maurice's High School in Cumbernauld,