In S1-3 all pupils follow an integrated science course with elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, following a broad and balanced curriculum designed to challenge their learning. Practical units are used to introduce our learners to the sciences, with stimulating and exciting lessons throughout. Pupils receive regular homework involving a range of activities and they are assessed by the use of regular end of unit tests and written assignments. From these we can review individuals progress and set targets for further development.

S4-6 pupils can select a discrete science subject, and many select two or three. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are available from National 3 through to Higher
level. These courses include a variety of assessment methods including practical experiments, research projects and internally assessed work. These courses are
a continuation of the challenging and progressive learning of S1-3. Science is taught in purpose built laboratories which are all equipped with ICT. There is also a fully equipped ICT suite with 20 computers. We aim to help pupils become confident individuals in an increasingly technological world. We hope to provide thought provoking discussion about Science and its applications, and of the world in which we live. Finally we aim to inspire our young people to continue studying Science after they leave Bannockburn High School.

Science club runs on Tuesdays after school for S1 pupils. We do various experiments and investigations: we’ve made crystals, bath bombs, natural indicators to test for acids and alkalis and used microscopes.


  • Mr P. Leitch (Principal Teacher)
  • Mrs L. McConachie
  • Ms J. Young
  • Mr M. Shafat
  • Mr R. Southcott
  • Mrs C. Powell
  • Miss E. Lambert
  • Mr J. Timmons (Depute Headteacher)
  • Mr I. Addie (Technician)
  • Mr C. Wood (Technician)

Supported Study

Higher Biology Supported Study Monday 1.30pm, Tuesday 3.35pm

National 5 Biology supported study Thursday 3.35pm

Higher Physics Supported Study Wednesday 3.35pm

National 4/5 Physics Wednesday lunchtime 1.30pm

Higher Chemistry Wednesday lunchtime 1.30pm

National 5 Chemistry Wednesday lunchtime 1.30pm

Headteachers Blog

Yesterday I met with all staff within the school to advise that on Friday I was offered the post of Head Teacher within St Maurice's High School in Cumbernauld,