The Health Faculty comprises of the departments in Home Economics and Physical Education.
The aim of the faculty is to allow learners to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. This will be done by informing learners of the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet, give them the practical skills to help them produce food to suit this diet and give them the information to allow them to make educated choices in this concern.

Within Physical Education it is through a wide variety of activities the aim to allow learners to produce a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.
This will be done by giving students the physical capabilities to participate in a range of activities. They will be given advice on the mental, social and emotional factors which influence performance. This will allow learners to work well with others in a range of situations which they may face through life.

Health Faculty Staff

  • Mr D. Halcrow P.E. (Principal Teacher)
  • Miss A. Park. H.E.
  • Mrs E. Marshall H.E. (Depute Headteacher)
  • Mr P. Arnold P.E. (Depute Headteacher)
  • Mrs C. Mitchell P.E.
  • Mrs P. McLune P.E.
  • Mr S. Rennie P.E.
  • Mr R. Harkness P.E.
  • Mr R. McPherson P.E.
  • Mr D. Oxburgh P.E. (Probationer Teacher)
  • Mr F. Reynolds P.E. (Probationer Teacher)
  • Mrs J. Stirling pool attendant

Headteachers Blog

Yesterday I met with all staff within the school to advise that on Friday I was offered the post of Head Teacher within St Maurice's High School in Cumbernauld,