Dux Medallists

‘The Guildry of Stirling’ Dux Medal is awarded to the top S5 performer from the prelim results.

The award of the Dux Medal concludes the annual Senior Awards Ceremony.

Dux Proxime accessit
2011  Siobhán Miller Kerry Dickson
2010  Malcolm Denovan Jack Paterson
2009  Robert Kimmitt Lindsay McGregor
2008  Craig Innes Stewart Wright & Fraser Tait
2007  Andrew Kimmitt
2006  Natalie Christison
2005  Stephen Mongomery
2004  Debbie McIlwraith
2003  James S. Mackin
2002  Danielle Gibson
2001  Jemma Forrest
2000  Philip Cully
1999  Vicky McLachlan
1998  Laura Bone
1997  Gayle Campbell
1996  Lisa E. C. Toon
1995  John S. Young
1994  Alice Martin
1993  Alan Mackenzie
1992  Stuart Richardson
1991  Ross Hamilton
1990  David Lindsay
1984  Cristian A. Antonioletti
1983  Aileen Forsyth
1982  George S. Brown
1981  Sandra McKay

Headteachers Blog

Yesterday I met with all staff within the school to advise that on Friday I was offered the post of Head Teacher within St Maurice's High School in Cumbernauld,