Meeting Minutes

28 October 2014


Veronica Korkut (Chair)

James McParland (Headteacher)

Carol Anderson

Lyn Fraser

Robin Mair

Sheena McPhee

Kim Graham


Linda McIntosh (Clerk)


  1. Welcome and Apologies


Veronica welcomed everyone to the meeting. Alan Hiddleston from Academy Uniforms was introduced to those present. Apologies were received from Mhairi Crawford-McKee, Gillian Downie, Grace Kidd, Elaine Matthews, Julie Vannan, Geraldine Wilson and Adele.


  1. Approval of previous minute


Minute of meeting held on 9 September 2014 was approved by Robin Mair

Minute of AGM held on 7 October 2014 was approved by Robin Mair


  1. Matters Arising


50 / 50 Club

Promotion flyer to parents – carried forward to next meeting. Veronica will speak to Gillian on progress and update at the next meeting.   Mr McParland advised that refunds had been made for July payments as no draw had been made. 51 people signed up to the club last year – but only 16 made contributions to the fund.


On The Button

Mr McParland advised that the Authority had commenced the SEEMIS review on 27 October 2014 with Bannockburn High being the first school on the list. The school will be encouraged to use SEEMIS for monitoring and tracking reporting. On The Button licence expires on 1 March 2105 and will not be renewed.   Communication with parents will be made using SEEMIS Group Call.


  1. Headteacher’s Report


Finance Update

As previously advised, the school have still been unable to secure a Home Economics Teacher.   Salary for this post has accrued and following discussion with Sharon Kelly, it was agreed to look at updating ICT equipment with these funds. It is hoped to replace 60 of the 78 out of date computers by March 2015.



Following a meeting with other Secondary Headteachers, it has been agreed to move to a 33 period week – to be implemented by August 2016. Mr McParland also would like to look at the 3rd year curriculum, in particular the number of subject choices to be made available to 3rd year pupils. Both these changes will required extensive consultation with parents and therefore Mr McParland would like to consult on both changes at the same time, allowing him to implement the 33 period week from August 2015.  Negotiations will also need to take place with the bus companies as changes to timetables will have an impact on the timing of the school day. Mr McParland is also considering reducing the lunch break from 50 mins to 40 mins – it is hoped that this would help reduce low level disruption which currently takes place during the lunch period.


Depute Headteacher Post

Interviews took place today, 28 October 2014, for permanent Depute Headteacher. Mr McParland confirmed that Brian Millar was the successful candidate. The structure of the senior management team is now headteacher and 3 depute headteachers. The new structure will take effect from January 2015.


School Improvement Plan

Interim plan has been prepared and will be shared with teachers at the in-service training days in November. Mr McParland will e-mail the plan to Linda for distribution to members of the Parent Council. The main focus from now until June 2015 is raising attainment for all. If this proves successful, Mr McParland will seek approval from the Authority to continue with the same plan until June 2016.



Out of date information is still on the website.   Updating the website is not on anyone’s job description. Mr McParland will negotiate time to carry out this task on a weekly basis with office staff. Linda has e-mailed all parent council minutes for the last 2 years to Anne Garvey. As soon as minutes are approved, Linda will send minutes to Anne to be uploaded to the website.


Stirling Observer

Veronica pointed out that there had been no school news since the beginning of the new term in August. Veronica had previously been e-mailed with details of press releases sent to the Stirling Observer. E-mails have not been received since the start of the new term. Mr McParland will make enquiries with Stirling Observer during his meeting with them this week when they are in the school to cover Strathcarron Contract & Business Agreement. Article prepared by Mr McParland on his arrival at the school has not been published.



It is Mr McParland’s intention to start a weekly blog – update on a Friday to reflect on the past week.

  1. AOB


School Uniform –Academy Uniform

Mr Hiddleston from Academy Uniform brought along samples of styles of the Eco-Blazer and other items of uniform such as, jumpers, cardigans, sportswear and outerwear which the Company can provide. An information leaflet was handed out to members present at the meeting. Linda will e-mail it to those unable to attend.


Following discussion, it was agreed that Mr McParland will share the information with

members of the Pupil Council and Eco Group to gain approval to approach the Company

to supply standard items of uniform (blazer, tie and PE kit). Both groups will choose which style of blazer will be offered. If further agreed, Mr McParland will arrange for the Company to attend an open evening where items can be purchased on the night or on line.


Existing uniform can be worn until items need to be replaced.


Costs as follows:

Blazers £29.50

Braiding £10.00

Jumper £15.00 – available with logo or tone on tone stitching

Cardigan £16.50 – available with logo or tone on tone stitching

Sportswear from £7.00


PE Changing Rooms

Parental concern raised that pupils are having personal items stolen from changing rooms during PE lessons. Mr McParland advised that pupils should put items of value in a locked box which is left with the teacher in charge of the class. He will however speak to staff in PE department regarding this.   He further advised that the school are exploring the possibility of purchasing additional lockers, but need to find suitable location which would comply with health and safety regulations.



Veronica advised that maximum numbers for Parent Council is 15, and that after the AGM this number had been exceeded.   Veronica contacted some members to enquire if they still wish to be on the Committee. Kim will contact John Docherty to enquire about membership. Elaine Matthews has tendered her resignation due to work and personal commitments.


Rights Respecting Schools

Not all form teachers are distributing or sharing information with pupils. New flyers have been ordered and will be re-distributed to form classes. Mr McParland will ensure all form teachers are being consistent at passing on information. Sheena will provide update at each meeting. Mrs MacKay will attend as required. The steering group hope to set up a twitter account.


Charity banks for clothes, shoes and books was discussed. It was felt that it would not be appropriate for these to be located on school grounds as this would be difficult to manage. Sheena will feedback this decision to Mrs MacKay.


Bannockburn Celebrates

Following consultation – it has been unanimously agreed that this will continue to be held at the Albert Hall.


Toilet supplies

It was brought to Mr McParland’s attention that there is regularly no soap or toilet paper in the toilets. Mr McParland will take this forward with the janitor as the school still has lunch time cleaners, so this should not happen.



Future meetings

Dates for the coming year will be decided at the next meeting – please bring along your diaries.


  1. Date and time of next meeting

25th November at 6.30pm in school meeting room.

Headteachers Blog

Yesterday I met with all staff within the school to advise that on Friday I was offered the post of Head Teacher within St Maurice's High School in Cumbernauld,