In the not too distant past, Bannockburn was a small village situated directly south of the town of Stirling. However, the growth of both Stirling and Bannockburn during the 19th and 20th Centuries has resulted in Bannockburn being incorporated into the new City of Stirling.

The area is most famous for being the site of the pivotal Battle of Bannockburn, 23 –24th of June 1314, during the Wars of Independence, in which Robert the Bruce soundly defeated the English army.

Bannockburn High School has been on its present site since August 1979 and is a fully comprehensive, non-denominational six-year school, teaching pupils from the ages of 11 through to 18.

The school boasts panoramic views over Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument and the Ochil Hills. The intake of pupils attending the school stands at around 710. It draws its pupils from the area covered by the Bannockburn Community Council, (which has a population of 7352), and has the associated Primary Schools of Bannockburn Primary, Braehead Primary, Borestone Primary, Cowie Primary and East Plean Primary.

The school houses accommodation for 1000 pupils and contains facilities that include a 250 seat lecture theatre, its own swimming pool, and a number of dedicated computer classrooms. A new wing for the school has been built to upgrade the provision of Music classes and Physical Education.

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