Attendance Procedures

The 1980 Education Act places a legal obligation upon parents to ensure that their children attend school regularly and punctually. On return to school after any absence parents are asked to provide the child with a written note giving the reason for absence and dates involved.

If a pupil is absent for more than 2 consecutive days parents are asked to inform the school by letter, telephone or e-mail of the reasons for absence and the likely date of return to school. 

The note should clearly state the name of the child, their Tutor Group, the dates of the absence and a clear indication for the reason of absence. The note has to be signed by a Parent or Carer.

If a pattern of unexplained absence develops or the attendance level becomes unsatisfactory Stirling Council has the power to interview parents or refer the matter to the Reporter to the Children’s Panel.

Parents are asked to make every effort to avoid family holidays during term time as this can severely disrupt the child’s education and reduces learning time. Parents should inform the school by letter, before going on holiday, of the dates involved.

Pupils in Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year will not be approved holidays from December in any session until after the end of the SQA National Examination period.

Holidays must not be arranged during this time. All holidays are recorded as unauthorised absences in line with National guidelines.

Pupils must not leave the school during normal school hours, including morning interval, unless with the authorisation of Senior Staff.

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