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Arrangements for the new session

As you will be aware, I will be taking up my new post as Head Teacher of St Maurice’s High School, Cumbernauld from August. On Tuesday afternoon, Mr Millar was confirmed as the Acting Head Teacher and he will assume this responsibility from August 21st. The permanent post will be advertised early in the new session.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all pupils, staff, parents/carers and all stakeholders with whom I have worked over the past three years. Firstly, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the young people within the school and I would like to offer every one of them my best wishes for their success in the future. They are capable of achieving great things! Similarly, the contributions that staff make to the daily running of the school but also the experiences that they offer learners through the wider curriculum and extra-curricular activities is notable – my thanks to you also.

In addition to this, my thanks are offered to the Parent Council, who have been a valuable team to work with and I know that they will continue to offer their support to the school over the next session and beyond. I have also had the chance to work with and meet many parents/carers and again, I would offer my thanks for your contribution to the school and the support that you offer your son/daughter.

As ever, there are a few staff changes at the end of term and I would like to thank everyone who is leaving the Bannockburn community for the contribution you have given throughout your time working here.

Finally, I hope that all connected with the school have a happy and restful summer holiday. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Head Teacher of Bannockburn High School and will take many fond memories from the past three years. Some highlights will include the redefining of the school values to form the ASPIRE badge, the Quality Improvement Award that was won last session, the Community Burns Supper and working with our associate primary schools but most importantly, celebrating the wide variety of successes of the young people via Bannockburn celebrates, the Head Teacher BLOG and through the various twitter feeds that are updated daily. The school has a great sense of community and with the continued support of staff, parents/carers and partners, I am sure that the young people of Bannockburn High School will continue to aspire to succeed.

Best wishes for the future!

Mr McParland
















































































































































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Arrangements for the new session As you will be aware, I will be taking up my new post as Head Teacher of St Maurice's High School, Cumbernauld from August. On

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