English Resources

Senior Pupils The countdown is on!


By now, your teacher will have informed you when your folio is due. It is YOUR responsibility to GET IT IN ON TIME!!!

Exam Date:

Thursday 5th May

National 5

Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation: 13.00-14.00

Critical Reading: 14.20-15.50


Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation: 09.00-10.30

Critical Reading: 10.50-12.20

Advanced Higher

Literary Study 09.00-10.30

Textual Analysis 10.50-12.20


Supported Study

Monday lunchtime –┬ároom 321

Monday after school – room 330 or 332

Wednesday lunchtime – room 324 or 328

BBC Bitesize for National 5 or Higher

The SQA website for past papers

Quality newspaper websites are very good for brushing up on your Reading for Understanding Skills

Sparknotes – very useful for a lot of the texts you have studied!


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