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Visit to Robertson Care Village
20 pupils recently attended the site of Stirling Care Village where they were fortunate to be given a full tour of the site by the Project Manager, who explained to the pupils the differing roles and responsibilities in the construction industry. Pupils were also able to engage in team building activities, facilitated by the Robertson staff who were also on hand to discuss the employment opportunities currently available to Bannockburn High, which include an Apprentice Administration Assistant, Apprentice Joiner, Trainee Quantity Surveyor and Trainee Site Manager. Pupils who have expressed an interest in these employment opportunities are now in the process of completing application forms, accompanied by a CV.

Basketball Tournament
On the 2 November, 15 pupils from S1,2 and 3 attended a basketball development tournament at St Modan's High School. The event was organised by Active Stirling and was intended to encourage young people from schools across Stirling to participate in a friendly competition.

Peer Mentor Training
A group of S3 Pupils have recently been working with a member of the Scottish Peer Mentoring Network, Elaine MacLennan, to look at developing skills which will allow them to raise awareness around issues which are relevant to our young people, within the school and the wider community. The pupils participated in the training with maturity and great enthusiasm and are keen to look at developing various projects over the rest of this academic year. This will include developing materials to be used in Form Classes, Assemblies and they also hope to work with younger pupils in our Learning Community.

Lessons from Auschwitz
Two S5 pupils, Gabrielle Watt and Carly Stalker are currently involved in the Lessons from Auschwitz programme which aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust for young people and to clearly highlight what can happen if prejudice and racism become acceptable. Since 1999, over 30,000 students and teachers have taken part in the Holocaust Educational Trust's groundbreaking LFA programme and the two girls accompanied by Miss Carlin had the opportunity to be part of this. They attended a seminar where we learned about pre-war Jewish life and we also had the privilege to hear a personal testimony from a survivor of the Holocaust, Eva Clarke, who camp, Austria, on 29 April 1945. We then took part in a day visit to Poland on 09/11/17. We visited the town of Oświęcim as well as both Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau camps. We had the privilege of placing candles of the railway line of Auschwitz-Birkenau as a sign of respect, remembrance and intolerance of genocide. Hearing is not like seeing - it was a truly touching and memorable trip that we feel honoured to have taken part in. Both Gabrielle and Carly attended a follow up seminar where they have begun planning a way in which they can pass on their knowledge of the Holocaust to their peers and the wider community. This will allow them to become ambassadors for the LFA programme. Their aim is to make Bannockburn High School recognisable for our commitment to educating others about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance.

First Minister’s Reading Challenge
On Wednesday 15th November, Joanne Turnbull and Kian Phipps-Kenny visited The Scottish Book Trust in Edinburgh. They have been asked to be part of the Young People's Advisory Group for the First Minister's Reading Challenge. Bannockburn High School have been selected as one of only six schools across Scotland who are being asked to pilot the initiative which is aimed at raising awareness of reading for enjoyment. They both had a brilliant day!

Right of the Month
Article 2 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that:
“This Convention applies to every child whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, abilities, whatever they think or say, no matter what type of family they come from.”
Bullying, discrimination, calling people names and generally being hurtful to others, is unacceptable and disrespectful. We all should be aware of the words we use and our own behaviour – in all areas of our lives. This month Police Scotland are promoting the anti-bullying campaign “Respect Me”. Look out for information and activities, regarding this campaign, from PC McCallum.

Staffing News
This term we said farewell to Mr Milligen from English and Mrs Spittal from Science. We also bid a fond farewell to Miss Thomson and Mrs Cochrane from Pupil Support and thank them all for their service to the school. We have welcomed Miss Gibbons to Modern Languages and Mr Littlejohn to Social Subjects. We also welcome Mr Boyce and Mrs Gunning to Pupil Support in the New Year.

Into Film Club
The Into Film club meets in Mrs. Rae's room every Thursday at lunchtime to watch and review a variety of films, posting our reviews to a national website and developing the skills needed to create short films of our own, as well as working with others and meeting new people.

Dyslexia Awareness Week
Bannockburn High School is committed to raising awareness of dyslexia with both staff and pupils. This also extends to our cluster primaries, where our pupil representatives offer advice to future pupils of BHS. Dyslexia Awareness Week is an important annual event for our pupil representatives. This year we raised £180 by selling blue awareness ribbons and holding a bake sale to raise funds for new resources, such as coloured overlays for every department. We will continue our awareness raising campaign to support pupils with dyslexia and create an impact throughout the school.

Car parking
In line with new Health and Safety procedures, please reverse park when using our car park. This is to ensure pupils are safe when crossing the car parks during intervals and lunchtimes and on their way to and from school. Thank you for your support with this matter.
The Gathering
The Stirling Youth Forum Group hosted “Stirling’s Gathering Event” on Tuesday 7 November in the Tolbooth in Stirling which some of our young people attended. The purpose of this event was to allow 150/200 young people from Stirling to come together to explore areas including: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Education (poverty verses attainment) Transport (barriers to young people engaging in activities and/or work opportunities). Young People’s Rights The information gathered from this event will be presented to the Chef Executive with a view to shaping future services in line with the Stirling Council keys priorities which are: Be community Led, Be a Learning Council and Be Open & Responsive

Battle of Bannockburn Trip
All S2 have the opportunity to enjoy the Battle of Bannockburn experience at the Bannockburn Heritage Centre. Three classes have already been and one is still to attend in December. The pupils are studying the Scottish Wars of Independence so the trip fits seamlessly into their learning. One staff member at the centre who led the trip commented on the pupils’ exemplary behaviour!

Art & Design Exhibition
Congratulations to our 16 senior pupils whose artwork has been selected to take part in the Stirling Secondary Schools Art & Design Exhibition. The exhibition runs at the Smith Art Gallery until the 7 January, please go and have a look at their work.

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