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We are very excited at Bannockburn High to participate again this year.

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  • German Police find documents belonging to the so called “Islamic State” revelling a large number of identities of its members.
  • Japan continued searching for the 2,500 people missing from the devastating 2011 tsunami and earth quake this week.
  • The fossil off the oldest ever pine tree has been discovered.
  • The European bank has cut its main interest rate from 0% to 0.5%


The Migrant Crisis


Migrant pic 1

Immigration is a massive worldwide issue with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their countries and seeking refuge in other developed countries, such as the UK.

Civil war has forced people to leave their countries, most of whom are from Syria but others from Afghanistan, Iraq and more. Many people and families are making their way over the ocean to us; wanting no more than refuge, shelter and support in re-building their lives in a new environment. In a perfect world, we would all let them in with open arms, however, the issue is surrounded by lots of controversy concerning space, but also people being worried about jobs and terrorism. But it is important to remember greed and selfishness is our country’s disease, not theirs.

They are being accused of terrorism and extremism as people in our country label them. This is due to the extremists taking over their countries, but it isn’t just our country that’s responsible for this discrimination. Another example of this is the USA, in particular Donald Trump. This controversial tycoon has made comments about Muslim refugees and suggests Americans should not be allowing them access to the USA. This has caused a media stir and has British people requesting him to be banned from the UK.


The conditions that these people are facing are absolutely devastating, they suffer terrible conditions hoping to be accepted in a richer country. Most of these people are travelling thousands of miles with little possessions and little hope… Thousands have died on their horrific journey, including children.

These horrific events must be stopped one way or another, the conditions are undeniably horrific and devastating. These people are desperate and it is important that we do all we can to save them from the hell they are facing. We surveyed the class in our school 2W2 to discover whether or not they believe that refugees should be allowed in the UK. I predicted that the majority of people would say yes because it is hard to not know the conditions faced by these poor people, it’s never off the news, however I realised that people would say no due to fear and paranoia, here are the interesting results.

These were very fascinating results, proving that in 2W2 form class at Bannockburn high, exactly 53% of pupils believe that refugees should be allowed into the UK. Something else I discovered when doing the survey was that when people were asked what the thought, they answered confidently and surely, they had clearly been thinking about the subject with their definite answers. 5 of the people who said no were boys and 3 were girls, 3 boys said yes and 7 girls said yes, it is clear that girls are more likely to encourage immigrants to be allowed in Britain. Whether you agree or disagree, it is very difficult to ignore what is going on.


Conspiracy Theories

For many years people have been speculating various theories about different things including Area 51, 9/11 and the assassination of president JFK.

Today we have decided to talk about some of our favourites.

  1. Moon landing:

There are countless theories regarding the 1969 moon landing and a lot of speculators believe that it never happened and it hasn’t happened since. Many people believe that the whole event was faked. The first reason is the most obvious. In many photos and on the television broadcast we can see an American flag blowing in the wind… As we all know there is no atmosphere in space and therefore no wind on the moon. Also, in multiple photos, why is there an unexplained shadow facing the other direction? In space there is one light source; the sun and in photos we can see shadows facing the opposite direction of the sun. Stage lights? There are many more clues to back up this theory but it is highly probable and makes a lot of sense

  1. The assassination of president JFK:

One of the most famous theories is that president JFK was not shot by Lee Harvey Oswald as believed. Many people say that the bullets must have been fired from at least two different places but according to professionals there is no physical evidence to suggest this. Theorists believe this is a cover up for what may have actually happened. The case is still debated today; five decades later.

  1. The Simpsons tell the future:

One of the most famous and longest running T.V shows of all time that everyone knows and loves is the Simpsons. The Simpsons is an animated comedy following the Simpson family and it too is surrounded by controversy. It has been speculated for years that the Simpsons can actually tell the future. The T.V show correctly foretold the super bowl final scores in 2005. As well as this in the episode titled “Lisa’s wedding” Lisa’s future fiancé is seen talking into his watch which is now possible with apples “iwatch”. Also in this episode there is a poster seen saying that in 2010 the rolling stones would still be on tour… which happened. The episode was released in 1995. The Simpsons predicted mutant apples, faulty voting machines and even 9/11 and the Ebola virus! The show has been running for twenty seven years so yes, it is possible that these were all just coincidences… but isn’t it suspicious they have been seen referencing 9/11 and the Ebola virus years before they occurred.

  1. Area 51

This theory has made its debut in countless movies including the movie “Area 51”. This theory is the legend of a military base which is full of alien life and alien technology. The belief is that a UFO crashed near the base and the ship and dead or possibly alive aliens were taken into the area and are sting being analysed today. It is highly illegal to enter area 51, and it can only be entered by highly important people through an underground entrance. What are they trying to hide from the rest of the world? This theory has been relevant for years, and will be for years to come.

Who knows about conspiracy theories? YOU DECIDE!


Educating Bannockburnbbc_news_2
The Education in the UK is undoubtedly up to standard. But what happens when schools across Britain are told they are due to get a surprise inspection? The aim of these inspections is to get a better indication of the system being used right now.

We decided to give our school a “surprise inspection” of our own…

One look at the education in Great Britain is through Television. One of our favourite UK Documentaries is “Education Cardiff” or similarly “Educating Yorkshire”. Educating Cardiff is filmed in Wales at Willow High school. The show follows the teenagers from the school telling their individual stories.

We decided to make a report inspired by Educating Cardiff. We asked people around the school what they think of the environment and atmosphere around our school and have created a written version of “Educating Bannockburn”.
First of all, we decided to ask different pupils. We started by asking one of our members, Niamh. We asked Niamh “Do you think our high school is at the standard of other schools in our area?” and she replied “Yes, I think it is better than it is made out to be. It is actually a fun and safe environment providing a great education.” We then asked: “What is the best thing (in your opinion) about Bannockburn High School?” “The motivation provided by staff to do well, have ambition and achieve our goals.” What would do you do to improve Bannockburn?” “Sometimes I can feel uncomfortable about occasional bad language but not often”. Niamh is a pupil of S2 with high opinions of her school but what happens when we ask someone who is not so optimistic. “Well, mostly I think it’s great, except St. other schools have Mac books in their I.C.T suite and we don’t” s how Max, also of S2, responded when we asked him if our school was at the standard of other high schools in our local area. He also explains that his favourite part of school is socialising with his peers at break and lunch time.

Max tells us his least favourite part of school is homework.

When we asked some older pupils in school what there favourite of school is “Music.” Others liked “P.E” and “History” When we asked them what they would improve in our school they replied “I’d probably get more fountains or taps to fill water bottles.” And finally, when we asked them if they feel our school is up to the standard of other schools in our area they said they agreed.

After we talked to some other members of our School report group we started by looking at the positive things happening in our school then the current system taking place here. Some of the positive things that have happened at our school over the last few weeks were the Y dance group visiting some girls from second and third year to, give them the opportunity to go to a dance leadership course outside of school. Also we have clubs including BBC school report, the ECO group and Trash fashion.

Lucy and others

And now for a sad anniversary that we feel we must respectfully mark.

Anniversary of The Dunblane Massacre

Twenty years ago, a terrible thing happened that shocked all of Scotland and left many families in a state of pure horror and utter devastation. It was a normal day in Dunblane on the third of March 1996 (twenty years ago in three days) it was a cold and frosty, but never the less the primary one class led by teacher Gwen Mayor was completely oblivious to the mass murderer who on his way to their school. Thomas Hamilton, aged 43 was on his way and no one would have suspected that he carried with him a dangerous hand gun, and no one would have dreamed what he intended to with it.

The primary one class were taken into the gymnasium for a fun P.E lesson, everything was normal still; but the class were put into a state of fear, shock and chaos when Thomas threw open the door and opened fired at the innocent and defenceless children. Sixteen civilians were killed including teacher Gwen Mayor.   After he had killed 16 people and tried to kill many others, Thomas Hamilton turned the gun to himself and committed suicide… It will never be clear why he did this, Guilt? Depression? We will never know.

What happened twenty years ago was a horrific thing but has had a silver lining in the end. The incident was a huge factor of the strict gun rules placed in the UK so that something like what happened will hopefully never, ever happen again.


The Stars of Strathcarron

Strathcarron is a well-known, well-respected charity across Scotland that takes care of people who have incurable diseases and struggle to live with them. They support to end people’s lives peacefully.

They are free of charge and travel wherever and whenever they are needed, even if that means travelling to homes, care homes and hospitals.

Bannockburn High School and Strathcarron work in tandem as we help and support those in need of care.

Pupils and teachers within Bannockburn High have fundraisers within the school so we can raise as much awareness and money as possible. As a result of hard work and determination, the combination between money raised and profit from products sold has reached an astonishing amount of just under £2,500! The senior school has been getting involved and has been creative by trying to learn how to knit so they can put lots of squares together to remind us of people that we have lost. This is another great way to support the charity.

Information courtesy of Mrs Mackinnon and Mrs MacKay























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