Bannockburn High School Big Day Out – 24th June 2016

Bannockburn High School Big Day Out

We are pleased to announce on Friday 24th of June 2016, we will be holding the first Bannockburn Big Day Out.

This involves 10 activities that all pupils can voluntarily sign up to attend for the day; pupils will be allocated a place on a first come basis only if they have fulfilled the ABOUT criteria at the school.

A-Attendance – 90% and no outstanding absence letter

B-Behaviour – no parental alerts, detention or exclusion

O- Organisation – has planner and equipment

U- Uniform – as per school rules

T – Timekeeping – not late 2 or more days per week

Pupils will be monitored and kept informed by Form teachers of their progress.   The attached booklet has the information on the activities offered and a choice form which requires to be returned to the school office with a £5 deposit to secure a place if your son/daughter would like to attend. Pupils who do not sign up for an activity will attend school as normal.

Please note deposits will only be returned if your son/daughter cannot attend initially due to failing to fulfil the ABOUT criteria. Once confirmed payments will be non-refundable.  A payment card will be provided and full payment will be due by the  3rd of June.  Click here for prices and details of events booklet

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to call the school office.

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