Extended Leadership Team

Bannockburn High School has five faculties which are each managed by a Curriculum Leader. Our Pupil Support system has one Principal Teacher responsible for each year group.

Curriculum Leaders

Languages and Literacy – Mrs R Shepherd – responsible for English and  Modern Languages.

Maths, I.T and Numeracy – Mrs S Harris – responsible for Maths, Business Education and Computing.

Social Studies and RMPS – VACANCY – responsible for Geography, History, Modern Studies and RMPS.

Science, Technologies and Health and Wellbeing- Mr J Timmons – responsible for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design and Technology and Home Economics.

Expressive Arts – Mrs V McKinlay – responsible for Art and Design, Music and Physical Education.

Principal Teachers of Pupil Support

S1 – Miss L Stewart

S2 – Miss P Campbell

S3 – Miss L McGibbon

S4 – Miss L Craig

S5 – Mrs E Fergus

S6 – Mrs K Gunning – responsible for Developing Young Workforce.

Back on Track – Mr G Shepherd

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